Our unique and customizable programs provide exhibitors with a broad selection of services and equipment to fit their needs.

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Sonic provides a variety of installation and upgrade services.
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Sonic’s service programs provide dependable support to ensure your facility is running at optimal performance allowing for worry free operation.
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Considering a theatre remodel or new construction? Our project development team is here to guide you through the process.
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Sonic leads digital cinema transition

“Sonic wants to instill hope in those small town theatres that feel they may have to close their doors because of digital. Our goal has always been to help the small town exhibitor stay current in the industry with the evolving technologies and continue to be a viable part of their communities,” said Eric Olson, Director of Operations at Sonic Equipment Company.

What Others Say About Us

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  • The drive in presentation was top-notch. This is the first year, since I’ve been a DM, that I didn’t show up the day before and tweak the sound or picture before the DI opened. I had complete trust in Jeff Horton to get things right. He didn’t let me down.  He made some slight adjustments to the picture and then he  drove around all over the lot to make sure it sounded good everywhere. It sounded great. On a side note, Jeff Horton is the man. He is easily the best Sonic tech I’ve ever dealt with. Best. Tech. Ever.

    John Cumins- District Manager
    John Cumins- District ManagerB&B Theatres
  • Sonic has always provided great service on all of our equipment. I wouldn't go with anyone else. Problems are no problem for the techs at Sonic.

    Sam Kirkland
    Sam KirklandBig Sky Drive-In
  • I have to go in the auditorium each time it starts up just to watch the crowd react.  I still get goose bumps!  It's one of those things that until you do it you don't appreciate it - now it's like, why didn't I do this sooner? Also the installers were great.  This whole experience has been top notch. Thanks again!

    Barry Ashley
    Barry AshleyBlair 3 Theatre