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At Sonic Equipment Company, we understand that the theaters often experience technical issues that arise without warning, and that the recent leaps forward in digital projection and sound are accompanied by a great deal of new ground when it comes to troubleshooting and problem-solving.
Sonic Operational Solutions (SOS) is an around-the-clock service provided by experienced Sonic technicians. While providing live guidance over the phone, these technicians can monitor your cinema equipment and activities remotely to determine probable causes for interruption or failure. Additionally, the SOS technicians can remotely establish routines for timely maintenance and software upgrades, giving your theater managers one less thing to worry about.

See what Sonic Operational Solutions can do for you!

• Around-the-clock service and connectivity with Call Center Support

• Monitor ticket status communication and service submission with our all new Client Portal

• Receive quick access (anywhere in the world) from our technicians with our Remote Connectivity, Monitoring, and Maintenance

• Enjoy peace of mind with our Warranty Management, which tracks lamp hours and equipment warranty expirations

•   Monthly logs, troubleshooting, system upgrades, and much more with VPF Reporting

• Acquire professional online and hands-on training from the best in the business (all from the comfort of your theatre) with Project Digital, or extended, hands-on training at Sonic headquarters.

•   Access to our online Knowledgebase helps you troubleshoot common issues

• Cinedigm Approved

A partnership with Sonic Equipment and Sonic Operational Solutions makes accessing service and resolving technical challenges easier than ever before. Use the SOS to provide the peace of mind that the show will always go on!


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