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This equipment was designed expressly for Shadowgraph inspection of plate glass and is used by the world’s leading glass manufacturers. Shining the brilliant white light, which approximates sunlight, directly through a glass sheet causes striae, or ‘seeds’, and other imperfections to cast shadows on a back drop. Faulty areas are quickly perceptible for marking. This method is faster and more accurate than direct visual scanning of glass sheets.

Our unique Shadowgraph system has been manufactured by Kneisley Manufacturing for more than 50 years. Our service technicians have helped with design and manufacture ideas and kept the many thousands currently in use, operating like new.

We are happy to offer these familiar and reliable products to you, our customer, as the exclusive distributor of Kneisley Manufacturing Shadowgraph equipment. We have been the top distributor of all our Kneisley products for the past decade.

Both 500 and a 2000 watt systems are available as well as any parts or supplies you need to keep your equipment running.  Contact us today to add this necessity to your quality control line!

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