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Collaborating with Sonic Equipment’s Consulting Division is the best way to make your movie theater dreams a reality.


Consulting is nothing new to Sonic Equipment Company. Sonic’s founder, Sterling Bagby, provided consulting and advice to movie theater operators for years. In 1998 Sonic teamed up with B&B Theatres to provide a consulting service for current and future movie theater operators throughout the United States. Since that time we have provided consulting services on every facet of a project, including new construction, remodels, expansions, and renovations following natural disasters.

The Sonic Consulting Package provides:

  • Demographic Review and Competitor Study
  • Pro Forma Income Statements
  • Potential Project Costs
  • Finance Modeling
  • Location Analysis
  • Layouts and Architectural Designs
  • Advice on Ownership and Business Structure
  • Construction Consulting
  • Operational Support
  • Grand Opening Training
  • Ongoing Consultation
  • …and much MUCH MORE!



B&B Theatres Wylie 12 located in Wylie, Texas is one of Sonic Equipment Company’s most recent theatre projects. Sonic equipment Company made sure that this theatre was leaps and bounds ahead of the competition by providing the BEST quality equipment throughout the ENTIRE building!

Because of our experience and expertise in the industry, Sonic Equipment is uniquely positioned to provide top-tier consulting and advice to clients in every aspect of a theater project.

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