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About Sonic Equipment Company

Sonic Equipment Company is the leading provider of cinema sales, service and installation.We strive to provide the best possible service to community-owned theatres and independent exhibitors nationwide. Our unique and customizable programs provide exhibitors with a broad selection of services and equipment to fit their needs.

Whether building and equipping an entire theatre, diagnosing problems on your equipment or finding and installing the replacement parts you need, we have the resources and ability to handle it all.

We are driven by a vision

The partnership of Sonic Equipment Company and Kneisley Manufacturing Company form a unique partnership that respects each others strengths. Working together we have found new products and services that bind our strengths for the good of both companies. As leaders in our industries we share these new innovations and consistently pursue new markets both domestically and internationally. We continue to grow a nationwide workforce that is strategically located and multi- faceted to compliment our ever evolving footprint. Their peers, partners and customers value these dedicated and passionate employees. Our Sonic and Kneisley team is known by our community as reliable, supportive and generous. Forward thinking and empowered employees reinforce our traditions of economic stability through strong leadership. These traditions we have built and maintained inspire us to pursue new heights for our companies and our employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve and thrive as our industry demands so we may provide our customers with the best possible quality products, maintenance and service.

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